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 Beefy Suicidal Fatso

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PostSubject: Beefy Suicidal Fatso    Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:32 pm

snorlax @ choice band
adamant thick fat it's all good blocked it with all that fat
252 att ,252 hp, or 252 spdef to take dem special moves 4 into speed seems dumb but nah
body slam/ return
fire punch
selfdestruct to blow up stuff
run stuff over with this set especially the bulkly wall stuff

btw it has about 79.5% to kill a max hp and def bold reuniclus with that selfdestruct
3 hit to kill max def/hp skarm with fire punch these are hard to beat ou mofos
i believe snorlax is uu so wreak face in uu
man shut up

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Beefy Suicidal Fatso
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