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 The unique metagross

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The unique metagross Empty
PostSubject: The unique metagross   The unique metagross EmptyThu Aug 04, 2011 1:44 am

The unique metagross Metagross

Metagross @ leftovers
Nature: Careful
Ev's: 252hp 128 def and spdef

-Light Screen
-Meteor Mash

its worked out pretty well so far in standard battles i think it can also do damage in ubers and well yea
in ou it doesnt do that much but yea try having a fire,water or flying poke to switch in on a fire move or the earthquake and yea to take out steel types
which totally wall this set but i have taken out a foretress and blastoise both pretty bulky so it is pretty effective

The unique metagross 15057
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The unique metagross
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